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Hello!  Thank you for choosing to spend a little time with me and my blog.
I am 36 and have been very happily married to my best friend, Chris, for 9 years.  

We have two beautiful girls: April (8) & Shelby (6)

Shelby's Swatch like Mommy:)

We live in Minnesota, USA (home of 10,000 lakes) and moved to a house on a river a little over two years ago.  We have been enjoying life on the water so much - it's amazing to be able to watch the river and wildlife from our own front yard.  We love to have dinner on the pontoon in the evening, pull the girls on the tube, play at the sandbar, and just cruise.  It's a lifestyle that we have always dreamed about living and we are very proud that we finally made it happen:)

When I'm not relaxing on or by the river with my family and friends; I love to read, watch reality TV, watch You Tube beauty videos, workout/run, decorate cakes, work in the yard/gardens, and PAINT MY NAILS.  I have been collecting nail polish and painting my nails for years. I typically change my polish daily as part of my night-time-after-the-kids-go-to-bed-routine:)  I started shopping/researching nail polish online a few years ago, and realized there was a whole world full of nail bloggers.  I read blogs for almost a year and finally took the plunge and started my own.  I started this blog in March 2012, and have enjoyed it immensely.  Not only is it fun sharing my nail looks with the world, it has been even more fun getting to know other bloggers and readers of my blog. I have met so many amazing friends through this hobby and I am thankful for them each and every day<3

If you have an interest in blogging - even if it's not about nail polish - I encourage you to take the plunge.  If you have something you are passionate about and feel you have something to share, take a risk and start a blog!  You will be amazed at the support you will receive and the friendships you will make.  If you have questions about starting your own blog, please contact me...I am happy to help!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Contact Information:
Email: iHeartPrettyPolish@gmail.com


  1. Your cakes are been published by another as if they make them, taking credit for your cakes, please check.

    1. Yes, stealing your cakes pictures!

  2. Oh I saw it too.she claims she makes them.
    Please check her page, it goes as D's Sweet Temptations &based in Arizona.
    such a fraud & she bakes such horrible looking cakes too.

  3. Essie, do something about the person using your cake pictures please!


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