Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nfu Oh Noblesse 08 and Make It Stick Chevron Decal Review/Swatches

Hello Everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I took a little time off of work and blogging for the 4th of July weekend.  I missed talking to you and am happy to be back!

This beautiful purple polish is very special to me.  It was sent to me by one of my best blogger friends, Christine from Polished Marvels in Switzerland.  This is Nfu Oh Nobl08 from the Noblesse Oblige Collection.  I believe she ordered it from the Pshiiit Boutique.  If you are in the States, you can order Nfu Oh from Ninja Polish.
Nobl08 is a metallic purple that adds a beautiful glow to the nails.  I wore this for 4 days and I couldn't believe how awesome it looked in any light.
The photo below was taken outside.  I was sitting on my deck reading and my nails kept catching my eye.  I decided to grab my camera and see if I could capture the beauty that I was seeing.
Outdoor - Sunlight
These pictures don't do this polish justice.  But if you look at my thumbnail (below), you will see the slight rose colored sparkle in the polish. It really looks multi-dimensional.
Outdoor Sunlight
After wearing this for a few days, I decided to jazz it up and throw on some chevron decals.  I purchased these from Make It Stick.  I chose the grab bag set where you pay $2.00 and they send you a random full set of chevron decals.  As you can see, I received the silver glitter set.  I probably wouldn't have picked this shade, but they are pretty cute and worked well with this polish.  The decals are very easy to apply.  I applied a top coat to make them look more like nail polish and it turned out great.  I may order a few more, now that I know they work so well.  I love the little bird decal as well as the mustache.  You receive so many in a set, that they will last you forever...especially if you only use them for accent nails.
Below is a picture of the package I received from Christine.  Not only did she send me nail polish, she also sent a Switzerland magnet.  The magnet makes the package so personal. I will always remember her kindness when I see the magnet on the fridge:)  My daughters thought it was pretty cool too - I had to show them where Switzerland was on the map and they thought it was neat that this package came from so far away!
Thank you, Christine, for your kindness.  You are truly a great friend <3
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Just gorgeous, and what a wonderful post! Christine is such a sweetie! :) And I *love* the silver chevrons with this color...it really is an outstanding purple. And I've missed you...glad you're back! :D

  2. I love this shade of purple and that shimmer woahhh :) Glad to have you back girly, you were missed!!

  3. What a sweet gift from your friend! This polish is so gorgeous! Love the chevron design you did too :)

  4. I've been looking for some chevron decals and these look like a great option.

  5. This is amazing! It's always awesome when you get nail mail, isn't it? I really love the chevrons you used, I've been looking for the perfect chevron decals!

  6. Im melting from how pretty it is

  7. Hi Essie, I cannot tell you how happy I am that this Nfu Oh looks so beautiful on you - all the while I was obsessing how it would look on you and it is like made for you!!! I am so pleased that I could show you my gratitude in this small way - you and Liesl have walked along with me on my yet bumpiest road in life, I cannot even begin to describe how much my Blogger friends have helped me!!! And while I am glad "to have you back" I was really happy that you had a vacation, so well deserved. And how sweet of your girls - too cute. The package truly travelled have around the globe. And yes, I get my Nfu Ohs from Pshiiit Boutique :-) *hugs*

  8. Nice LOVEEEEE it :D cute perfect chevrons too!

  9. Wow what a gorgeous gorgeous polish!

    1. Yes, it's a great purple:) Thanks for stopping by Gosia!

  10. This is so gorgeous on you (but then again, you make everything you wear look amazing ♥). Love the chevrons with it, too, so cute! And so sweet of Christine-- she is the creme de la creme :)

  11. Dying over this color - absolutely gorgeous! And I love the Chevron decals, they look like fun. :)

  12. How gorgeous is this!? We see so many lilac creams, but not often lilac shimmers, and this one is just beautiful! I love the chevron accents you added too; they go perfectly together! :D

    ~ Yun


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