Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Guest Post from Marijana at Nails From Fairy Tale ft. Essence I'm Bluetiful

Hello!  I am ending the week and a half of wonderful guest posts with a gorgeous one from Marijana at Nails From Fairy Tale.  Marijana is a serious artist, in my opinion.  I feel like her nails should be showcased in a museum!  Please take a look at her work on her blog, it's amazing!  Thanks Marijana for providing me with this beautiful guest post.  I think I need this Essence shade, I LOVE silver sparkle in creme polish.

Hi ladies, my name is Marijana and I have a blog called Nails From Fairy Tale where I try to draw everything that is on my mind on my nails. The more is complicated, the more I enjoy doing it. This is my first guest post ever and I hope you will like it. When I heard that Essie broke her nail, I was more than happy to help her out. She seems lovely, and I really love to look at her swatches. Today I did a simple Starry Night manicure. Actually, my day started with painting my nails with Essence – I’m Bluetiful. It’s a gorgeous blue shade with a hint of purple, that has a lot of tiny silver glitter in it. Essence I'm Bluetiful

Essence I'm Bluetiful Application was great, and it is opaque in two coats. It reminds me on starry night. I love to look at sky and think about stars. Some are tiny, some are huge, and all that this polish was missing are those huge stars. So I used a silver nail polish theBalm – Silver Spoon Me to draw few random big stars on that sky.
  Essence I'm Bluetiful

Essence I'm Bluetiful

Essence I'm Bluetiful 
I loved how this turned out, and I hope you will too. What do you think? Thank you Essie for having me here :). 
 Marijana aka Nails From Fairy Tale

Thank you again Marijana - this is so pretty! 


  1. This is completely and utterly beautiful! That blue is delicious. :)

  2. Looks so pretty! I love how subtle it is :)

  3. Gorgeous! Essence does some absolutely lovely creme shimmers.

    1. Thanks :). I really love Essence nail polishes :)

  4. The final look with all those stars is so pretty and magical! Great mani! :-)

    ~ Yun


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