Sunday, June 2, 2013

Guest Post from Anita at Intense Polish Therapy ft. Nail Art/Tattoos

Hello Again! I hope you are having a nice weekend.  This guest post and tutorial is from the talented Anita at Intense Polish Therapy.  Anita's blog is so fun to read.  She has long beautiful nails that are perfect for nail you will see below.  Not only am I impressed with her nail art; her swatches are gorgeous too! I find myself going to her blog to help determine if I need a new polish.  Thanks Anita, for all of your hard work.

Hey guys! My names Anita (IntensePolishTherapy), I am so happy to be featured & do a guest post on IHeartPrettyPolish! 
 I must admit as soon as I found out that Essie was looking for people to help out & do a guest post, I had to message her right away! I am absolutely in love with her swatches. They are amazing & truly inspirational. I guess you could say she's one of my blogger role models. So it really is an honor to be here.
 Anyway, enough of all of the emotional stuff. Let's get started. Today I will be creating a Floral manicure with a Caged Bird accent. I knew I wanted to do something playful, but I wasn't sure what type of nail art I should do. I started to look around my desk & I noticed the Nail Tattoos I had in my drawer.  The bird caught my eye & for some reason I thought of a bird cage. I know I didn't want to try & do a manicure with a bunch of bird cages, especially 10 cages that look very similar. In the end, I decided to do the caged bird as an accent nail. 
 Yay! Now that that's figured out, what am I going to do with the other 8 fingers? I was thinking of doing a light blue base colour with white polka dots, which I absolutely love the idea I am imagining in my mind; however, for some reason I thought that was too boring. I wanted something colourful & summery. So I decided Floral. It's very summery & I don't think the floral trend will ever "end". 
Now for the reality part. lol.  
 The products I used are: Base Coat: Nurtra-Nail Bullet Proof Strength Base Colour on my accent nails: OPI - Don't Pretzel My Buttons Base Colour on my other nails: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Barracuda Rose Base Colour: OPI - Pink Friday Rose Outline: Essence - Fame Fetal Leaves: Essie - The More The Merrier & Shake Your $$ Maker Bird Cage: Essence - Piece Of Forever ASAP Top Coat Striping Brush Dotting Tool Tooth Pick Fake Tattoos - Nail Tattoos 
 Wow that's a long list. Of course, you don't have to use the same products or even the same colours, this is just to help inspire you.
Floral Bird Nail Art
 To start off, I applied my base coat & let it dry completely. Then I applied two coats of my base colours & allowed them to completely dry. 
Floral Bird Nail Art
Once dry, I cut out 2 little birds & left a spot where I can hold on to without touching the image. I would suggested using tweezers if you think they'll help you place them on your nail better. Then using water, I followed the directions & applied the them to the nail.  
After that's done, I let the water dry & made sure not to touch the nail tattoo. Once everything was dry, I took my gold polish & dotting tool & made a dot above the bird in the middle of the nail. Then still using the gold polish, I used a striping brush & starting at the bottom of the gold dot, made one curved line down the left & then I tried to mirror the curve down the right side. Then I made the other bars by applying three thin lines over the nail tattoo.  
Floral Bird Nail Art
 Now for the floral part. I am in no way a professional floral nail art creator. I actually just started trying to do them about a month ago. So this is the 3rd time I've done roses.  You may have your own method to making roses, but this is what I have found that works for me. 
 To start off, I took the light pink brush out of the polish wiped both sides off & using the end of the bristles, I made rough circles.  I allowed them to dry completely (this way when you're applying the red polish with the toothpick it won't smudge the pink polish ). 
Once the pink is dry, I took a toothpick and some red polish (on a disposable surface) and dipped the point of the toothpick into the polish. I create "C" shapes working from the outer petals in. 
 To create the leaves, I took two different greens & using the other end of the toothpick, I created "V" shapes (= 
 After that step, I let the polishes settle for about 3-5 minutes & applied top coat. (= 
Floral Bird Nail Art
Taadaa a beautiful, fun & summery manicure. It was such a pleasure doing this, I hope everyone has an awesome week & weekend

Thanks Anita! What a great tutorial!


  1. This was a nice tutorial! So pretty :)

  2. This is so fun and delicate looking :)

  3. Hello you have a new follow via the hobby polish bloggers facebook page :)

    Such a beautiful design!


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