Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pomegranate Nail Lacquer Storm the Castle Review and Swatches

Have you heard of Pomegranate Nail Lacquer?  These polishes always caught my eye when I saw them on blogs - I have two of them on my wish list as we speak.  Not only are the colors beautiful, but I love the name, the look of the bottles (the square ones...see note below), and I thought it was cool that an indie-maker focused on creme polishes.  I had the opportunity to pick two polishes from the new line to try and review.  This is Storm the Castle from the new Royal Fairy Tale Collection.
Pomegranate Storm the Castle
I chose Storm the Castle because I don't have many dark teals and it really stood out to me as a color I would like.  And my instincts were correct - it's great!
Pomegranate Storm the Castle
Pomegranate describes this color as "a deep cloudy, teal-grey jelly".  
This was opaque in two coats and very easy to apply. Their nail lacquers are cruelty free, 4-free, and made in the USA.  
Pomegranate Storm the Castle
Window - Natural Light
Where to Find Pomegranate Nail Lacquer:
They currently only ship to the US.

Be sure to check out the website because the colors range from $4.50 (clearance section) to $8.50 (new collection) - and they are all sooo beautiful!

Note:  You'll notice that the bottle shapes vary.  The bottles were originally square, but they tried this new oval shape for the latest collection.  After lots of feedback from customers, they are going back to the square bottle.  I actually like square better myself  - but as the maker said "it's what's inside that counts" ;)

Pomegranate Storm the Castle was provided to me for my honest review.  See my Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. Such a pretty colour, too bad they only ship within the US though! Oh and I love the way you photograph, and it also makes me wonder how many jumpers you have, lol!!

    1. LOL, thanks! Actually, this one is one of those hand/arm warmers. I have a few of those that work well:) Thanks for noticing!

  2. Funny I was just thinking the same thing as A Polish Addict about how many sweaters you must have! I just love how you "pose" your hand so nicely with them.

  3. Hi Essie, now why am I not surprised to see a teal ;-)!!! I love this color as much as you do - I am so with you about this polish. I agree, it is great to see an Indie Brand doing creams - and the name is so cute!!!

  4. Gorgeous color! I like the grey in it, it makes the color unique. I adore dark teals and have so far been able to talk myself out of that Warsaw color from OPI, lol. Totally with you on the square bottles :)

  5. That's a very pretty color!


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