Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pure Ice Electric with Accent Jamberry Nail Shield in Houndstooth

I thought I'd show you the last manicure I did while I still had the Jamberry Nail Shield on.  I ran to Walmart to get some Saltine crackers for my chili the other day (I can't eat chili without Saltines) and of course, I had to stop by the nail polish isle.  I never really go to Walmart, so I don't see Pure Ice polishes much.  The only one I have is Kiss Me Here and I LOVE that one.  

I found this glittery black lost on a shelf somewhere and I thought I'd give it a good home:)

I'm glad I picked it up.  I love the look of black nail polish, but sometimes the black cremes can be hard to apply evenly and tend to be a bit sheer.  This one was very opaque in 2 coats.  It was a tad matte/gritty, so I prefer it with a top coat.

One quick note about the Jamberry nail shield.  We brought the kids swimming at a Community Center on New Years Day and I assumed with the chlorine, etc., that it would come off and it didn't.  These photos were taken after the trip to the Community Center.  This means they would be great for vacation.  I was told you can also use them on your toes as well - how convenient.

If you are interested in trying a Jamberry Nail Shield and picking out a Zoya nail polish, feel free to enter my giveaway.

What is your favorite black polish?  I would love to find a creme consistency that is opaque.


  1. I love this!! Jamberry shields are perfect accent nails and I'm so glad that they stayed on after a day of swimming. That's one of the best things about the shields... they aren't affected like regular polish when exposed to chlorine and the elements. And I can keep them on my toes for at least 3-4 weeks without any issues and that's a huge money saver for me... I love getting pedis but hate the chipping on my toes :(

  2. This manicure totally rocks and I LOVE how it pairs with your sweater! Toes are the best for nail shields and I totally plan to expand my collection for that purpose this year.

  3. Amazing, I love black polish with a little something ;-)!!!

  4. You're earing another black!!! I love it! And of course it looks awesome ith th houndstooth accent :) If I win, that's what I'm choosing from Jamberry :)
    My favorite black polish is Butter London Union Jack Black-- it's so whpppsh! But the formula's a little tricky. Best black creme formula wise that I've tried is Essence Black is Back.

  5. I love this dark polish base- looks awsome!

  6. So pretty! I love that accent nail. My favorite black base is Smoke & Ashes by CG. But, it's glittery, not creme, so that's no help.

    1. :) Thanks! I have seen Smoke and Ashes and think it's beautiful!

  7. I'm a huge houndstooth fan! Love this!

  8. What a great mani. I'm glad to know that the shields will last through that. I remember when I was young, in like the third grade. I had painted my nails prior to going and three hours later when we left, my polish was completely gone. I only have one black polish for now and it is Black Creme from Wet N' Wild. I really like it because it is a one coater.


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