Monday, January 14, 2013

Guest Post from Nidia at Lit From Within

Hello Everyone!  I went without nail polish on Saturday and that was a big mistake.  I seem to break nails when they aren't protected by nail polish.  I broke 2 of them and asked on Facebook if there were bloggers who would be willing to do guest posts for me while the little guys grow back.  I had a great response and my first guest blogger is Nidia from Lit From Within.  ~Essie Rae

Hi, my name is Nidia, and I run a little blog called Lit From Within. Essie Rae sent up the nail polish signal for a little help, so I’m covering for her today. I recently did a beauty swap with a woman in Israel for these gorgeous holographic polishes from Pupa. They are an Italian brand not sold in the US, so I was very happy to find someone who could get them for me! I started with the silver holo, number 30. It’s a pretty standard silver holo, nice formula – no special undies or buffing required, and lots of pigmentation in one coat.

 I recently discovered an artist on Facebook called Madam Luck, and I wanted to try my hand at some of her artwork. I free-handed a swirl with a purple holo, Pupa number 35. I love purple holos!

With a black nail art striper, I drew in some lines to give the illusion of movement around the swirl.

I didn’t have the glitter stars that Madam Luck did, but I did have these thick glitter flowers in an iridescent lavender, which I thought would match, so I applied them with a little topcoat and a dotting tool. I didn’t want to topcoat the whole look because that can sometimes dull the holo, but it will help keep the glitter in place.

 If you can get the Pupa polishes, I recommend them! They were a joy to use, and I loved this look. Do you love holos, too?

Nidia Doherty is the writer for her blog, Lit From Within, which focuses mainly on nail polish and art, but also features beauty products. As much as she loves makeup, she believes that the most beautiful thing a person can wear is a smile.

Thanks Nidia!  This is such a beautiful post.  I am glad I can show some nail art on my blog through talented bloggers like you :) Be sure to check out and follow Nidia's blog for more from her.  Have a great day. 


  1. Beautiful mani! I love the colors and I love the swirls. And huzzah for overseas nail polish friends ♥

  2. Such gorgeous polishes! Great job with the free hand too! :)

    1. They are stunning, wish they were more readily available in the USA. Thanks for the compliment!


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