Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guest Post from Ameerah at Valiantly Varnished - Cult Nails Tulum

Here is another exciting guest post for you.  This is Ameerah from Valiantly Varnished.  Ameerah is another blogger I follow who does nail art.  I'm constantly in awe of what she can do.  I think it also helps that her nails are so long and pretty.  She has so much room on her nails to try so many cool designs.  Check out her post of her favorite looks from 2012. Sooo cool:)  Thanks Ameerah for your support and I am lucky you decided to help me out today!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be writing a guest post for Essie Rae's blog. She was my very first blogging buddy and gave me some great advice at the very start that I use to this day. I decided to mark this special occasion with a swatch and review of my very first Cult Nails polish. Yes, that's right up until a week ago I had never owned a Cult Nails polish. I had drooled over swatches of them many times however. And the one I drooled over the most was Tulum. 
Cult Nails Tulum
Tulum is my favorite kind of neutral. A soft taupe with a subtle hint of gold shimmer throughout that keeps it from being bland or boring. And it looks great on all skin tones. 
Cult Nails Tulum
The formula is a little thin, but I was able to achieve opacity with two coats. I think the next time I wear this I will use three. Once I was in direct light I could see my nail nail line. I hate VNL! Ha! 
Cult Nails Tulum
Cult Nails Polish retails for $12 and is sold here. Thanks again Essie Rae!

Thanks for sharing a Cult Nails polish with us.  I really enjoy Cult Nails and highly recommend them.  As always, you have shared some beautiful photos.  Look at those nails!  

Thanks for reading.


  1. Awesome color and I love the name :) Makes me want to go there ;)

  2. Yay for Cult Nails! I'm with Liesl - love the name!

  3. Wow!!! this is so pretty. i super like the color for I find it so elegant and classy. Love it!


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