Friday, October 12, 2012

Glitter Nail Polish Removal - Tin Foil Method

Many of you may be reluctant to wear glitter nail polish because of how horrible it is to remove.

Well have no fear and grab that glitter bomb!  If you haven't heard of the Tin Foil Method - keep reading:)

Tin Foil Method Remove Glitter Polish

This method has always worked great for me.  As you can see on the last photo, sometimes there are a few pieces of glitter left on the nail....but these are very easy to remove with a little bit of remover and a cotton pad.

Happy polishing!!


  1. i did this today :) also if you apply a bit of pressure to the tinfoil-pad-wrap then i have found it really does help to remove those big bits <3

  2. I use this method all the time now! It works so well!

    1. Yes, it does. I am no longer scared to wear glitter:)

  3. You know, I was about to ask how to do this so I could remove my Gem Crush polish with ease, but the stuff popped right off my nails in one piece... Anyhoo, thank you for the tutorial. So good to finally know :)

  4. Just tried it this morning...was super easy!!!

  5. The foil method is the same way I remove glitter! So effective!


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