Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dupe Alert? Butter London "Toff" Comparisons

As promised in my post showing Butter London Toff, I am showing how it compares to other mauve shades in my collection.  I have learned here that it is important not to judge a polish by the way it looks in the bottle....kind of like don't judge a book by its cover.  I thought I had some pretty close dupes, but it turns out I just have 1.

Butter London Essie Julep Finger Paints Nail Polish

As you can see, Essie Angora Cardi is pretty close to Toff.  I say "pretty close" because it does have a bit more rosy undertones and Toff has more purple undertones.  Toni is a bit too purple.  I decided that if Toni and Angora Cardi got together and had a baby, Toff would probably be their bundle of joy.  
Butter London Essie Finger Paints Julep Nail Polish

And never mind Finger Paints Free Form Fawn - she is a distant cousin. Again, in the bottle it was similar, but wow did it ever come out different on the nail.  

Mauve Nail Polish Comparison

So there you have it.  If you don't want to spend $14 on a Butter London and are okay with "close enough" then grab Angora Cardi.  If you are looking for a really pretty purple-mauve, check out Julep Toni.  I LOVE it and will be doing a review soon.  And as far as Free Form Fawn....MEH.

Good Day!


  1. Hahahaa! I love your reference to the "polish birth", made me laugh! All of those polishes look lovely on you!!!!

    1. I love the polish baby reference too! I do that all the time! Also, I just purchased Toff, and I am thinking that it looks a bit like "Plums the word" from SH CSM. Although I have not put my eyes on the bottle...I have just bought 4 polishes from Butter London and I AM HOOKED!!

  2. Toff's my favorite. I'm pretty sure I need it. <3

  3. All of them look beautiful on you. I "only" (smirk) own one polish of mauve/raisin polish, but your post definitvely inspires me to wear mine soon. What a great reminder!!!!

  4. Dupes or not I am completely smitten by all of those polishes. I think I fancy the FingerPaints shade the most. :)

  5. Bless you for the comparison! Now I know I don't need both Toff and Angora Cardi. 😊

  6. Bless you for the comparison! Now I know I don't need both Toff and Angora Cardi. 😊


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