Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Sweets! Whimsical Cake

 Welcome back to Saturday Sweets:)  Today I wanted to show you a cake I  gave to a Children's Home in my area.  My friend is a counselor there  and she said they designate one day a month to celebrate all of the birthdays for that month.  I happened to be doing this cake with no home in mind as I saw it on Ace of Cakes (I used to watch that show all the time).  The one I saw on the show had white fondant balls on wire popping out of the top.  I tried doing the balls and wires and I must not have had thick enough wire because they kept sagging:(  
So anyway, I lugged this heavy thing to the Children's Home and they loved it.  
The top layer was vanilla with raspberry mousse filling.  The middle layer was lemon with cream cheese filling.  And the bottom layer was chocolate, of course.  It seems like chocolate is the way to a person's heart.  The kids ate all of the fondant balls surrounding the cake because they thought they were marshmallows - I'm glad they thought they tasted okay.  It's so hard to find fondant that tastes good.
I hope you enjoyed this cake and have a great weekend!


  1. Pretty came and such a nice idea!

  2. what a pretty cake! great job and very awesome of you to donate it to the Children's Home! The cakes sound quite yummy...especially the lemon with cream cheese

  3. Beautiful cake - and what a beautiful heart you have! I'm sure they loved it!

  4. Very beautiful cake, and a great action! :)

  5. oooooooh I'm drooling here..... First of all, what a huge heart you have for giving this cake to these children!! Second of all: have I ever mentioned that I have a huge sweet tooth?? Cake is like second crack to me!!! (first is nail polish of course!)

  6. Not only is that a beautiful cake (wow), but that's also very generous. I'd be interested in seeing recipes for the cakes and fillings.

    1. That's a great idea. I should post my recipes from now on. Will do!


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