Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Sweets Shelby's Cake

Hello everyone!  This is the cake I made for my daughter Shelby for her 3rd birthday.  The whole reason I took the cake classes in the first place was the make cakes for my daughters.  My mom always made cakes for my brother and I growing up.  We were able to choose from this book (I can't believe I found it online! It's a pretty old book and brings back so many memories when I see it...I wonder if my mom still has it?)  I don't make as many cakes now; especially in the summer, but I will always be sure to make cakes for my kids no matter how busy I am.  It gets a little stressful when you are trying to get ready for the party and you have to do a cake that takes from 6 to 8 hours to finish....and you can't do it ahead of time. It's also hard because I am a bit of a perfectionist - I have been in tears quite a few times because a cake isn't turning out how I planned.  I think that is why I have slowed down on the cake decorating's a bit too stressful.  I need to learn to enjoy it and not put so much pressure on myself. 

Anyway, back to the cake.  It was really fun making this cake - I didn't stress as much as I normally do.  The bumblebees were super easy to do - it's like working with play doh!  You can't tell from this picture, but I put little smiley faces on the bee's with little pink cheeks.  The bee's were the first things the kids ate.

This cake was chocolate with chocolate ganache filling.  (Someone mentioned that they would like to see recipes.  I think I'll make a new heading on my page where you can find all the recipes....I'll do that soon). The frosting is buttercream and the accents are fondant.

The design for this cake was inspired by "GWU90" on CakeCentral.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Another absolutely gorgeous creation. Those daisies are amazing. And how cool that you found a copy of your mom's old book!

  2. Thank you:) I know, it was cool seeing that again because I looked through it all the time!

  3. dROOL!!!!! That's all I'm going to say!!!!!

  4. Wow!!! You made this?? It's freakin' amazing!! Happy birthday to your little girl! One of my doggies is named Shelby. :)

    1. Yes, thanks:) I've heard lots of puppies named Shelby....oops:)

  5. Aww, happy birthday (belated!) to Shelby! What a cool cake!! You're setting the bar pretty high for future bday cakes, aren't you, Mom? haha

  6. OMG I have that book! My mom gave it to me, it's falling apart. I used to look at it on a daily basis when I was a little kid :) Crazy!


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