Thursday, August 9, 2012

Revlon Orange Pop - ABC Challenge "O"

I have reached the letter "O" in the Alphabet Challenge. 
I decided to try Revlon (Scented) Orange Pop!
Revlon Nail Polish
 This polish is actually a well loved polish in my stash.  I have used it quite a bit - perhaps it's because it smells so good???  It really does have a yummy orange scent after it dries.  Why can't all nail polish smell like this?  This is a pretty sheer polish, but it's okay because you can slap on quite a few layers and it never gets too thick - it just glides on layer after layer.  This is also a really pretty orange.  It's not a cream, but it's not glittery either.  Just a bright shiny orange.
Nail Polish Comparison
When I was applying Orange Pop, I was reminded of China Glaze Riveting.  I grabbed it for comparison sake and it does look similar, but Riveting has golden shimmer mixed in.  Riveting is such a beauty as well. 

Is anyone else a fan of Revlon polishes?  They just work for me:)


  1. I like Revlon polishes, as well. This one's gorgeous, I can see why it's a favorite! I'm not so into the scented polishes, though; I'd be concerned the fruit scent would distract from my perfume.

  2. I love Revlon polishes, too! I don't have Orange Pop, though. Very pretty!

  3. I love Revlon polishes. They were basically all I used when I first started painting my nails.

  4. I LOVE oranges!!! both, color and fruit =) So the scent would just be a bonus for me!
    I don't really have any Revlon polishes, never really got around to them.. there are soooo many other brands that I'm hogging!

  5. I am not usually a fan of orange but this one is really pretty! I do have one scented Revlon and it is in my "get rid of" pile. I just don't like it. Looks great on you!


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