Monday, August 27, 2012

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell is an awesome dark shimmery teal.  This is my "Y" for the Alphabet Challenge.  

OPI Nail Polish

Yodel Me on My Cell is from the Fall 2010 Swiss Collection.  This collection was a really pretty one if you like the darker jewel tones.  I also picked up Diva of Geneva from the Swiss Collection and now that I think of it, this and Diva of Geneva would look really cool together.  

Teal isn't my top pick for a nail polish color on me, but I like this one because it's darker.  I had a few others that were more sheer and lighter and I gave those away because I never reached for them.

OPI Nail Poilsh

Do you have a favorite teal polish?

Have a great week everyone and thanks for looking!


  1. wohooo!!!! great minds think alike!!!! so cool we chose the same nail polish!!! It looks fabulous on you!!!

  2. Nice shade Essie, and great choice for Y.

  3. I love teals! I think it looks great on you!

  4. I love this! I haven't worn this one in a long time, I'll have to pull it out and give it a shot!

    1. same here - I don't wear this much at all. I think because it's so dark - it doesn't stand out in my bin of polishes...

  5. This is so pretty on you. Pretty with the sweater, too. ;)

  6. I love it! This is such a pretty shade of blue!

  7. This is a gorgeous shade on you!! Loving it for fall!

  8. Love the gorgeous blue essie colour

  9. This is so pretty and looks gorgeous on you!


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