Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Julep Jessica + Ulta Sugar Cookie ABC Challenge "J"

Julep Nail Polish

Julep "Jessica" is my "J' polish for the Alphabet Challenge (see link in sidebar).  Julep Jessica is a beautiful light blue.  I topped Jessica with Ulta "Sugar Cookie" from the Too Faced Enchanted Nail Polish Collection.  Sugar Cookie transformed Jessica into what looks like a polish Cinderella would wear.  This combo is so beautiful in person and of course, I am having trouble capturing the beauty in a photograph.  Perhaps I don't have enough light tonight....I may try again tomorrow morning and see if I can get a better shot.

 I also think this manicure would be perfect for a bride.  This would be your "something blue", but with the shimmer/iridescence you would need to stand out with your bridal gown.  If I could do my wedding over, I would totally wear this!  Does anyone know another polish that gives the same effect as Sugar Cookie?
Update: Someone in the comments mentioned China Glaze White Cap.  Also, Nicole by OPI "Nothing Kim-pares to Blue" looks similar as well.  



  1. holy crap, this is beautiful!!! I wish I knew of a dupe for this, it would be mine!!! haha!! and if you ever come across it please post it!!!

    1. Melissa - below said China Glaze White Cap - I looked it up and it is very similar. Also, I don't really buy Nicole by OPI, but there is a Kardashian color that I think looks similar. Nothing Kim-pares to Blue...

  2. China Glaze White Cap is very similar.

  3. This is really pretty- kind of makes me think of winter.

  4. It's beautiful! If I did my wedding over I would totally do my nails different. I work fake nails which makes me shutter to think about! I probably owned 10 bottles of nail polish then...haha!

  5. This is so soft and pretty. I wasn't into painting my nails at all when I got married. I did get manicured the day before, but the polish started chipping (as I knew it would) as we were setting up that night, so I took it all off and went nekkid. My dad noticed, in the closeup shot of DH's and my hands-- he's all, "You didn't get your nails done!" rofl.


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