Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 2012 Zoya Haul!

Zoya Nail Polish and Remover

Zoya Nail Polish and Remover
I love coming home to a package in my mail box!  I was using the last little bit of my Zoya Remove+ - I couldn't even use the handy pump anymore because I had so little left.  So the Remover came just in time... especially because I have to remove Julep Mila (glitter) tonight.  This is the second big jug of Remove+ I have gone through and I will probably never use another remover again.  I love how I only have to use one cotton pad to clean all of my nails and it doesn't dry out my also doesn't smell as bad as other removers.  They also included a little travel size Remove+ for free with my order.
I used a promotion code I had for 3 Zoya polishes for $10.  I chose "Tru", because I've been wanting Dutch Ya Just Love OPI  and this is a pretty close dupe...I think? I also chose "Sweet" because one of my favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus (Pinksofoxy) talks about it all the time - HOWEVER - I put it next to "Shelby" and it's very, very close.  Like almost too close for me.  I will swatch them both and see if it's different on the nail - but in the bottle, they are pretty darn close.  And finally, "Reagan".  I have one cranberry/raspberry nail polish that I swatched last week and I loved it, so I decided I needed another.  Also, my daughter Shelby's best friend's name is Reagan, so I thought she would be excited:) 
I look forward to trying these!
Do you have any favorite Zoya shades?


  1. Hahaha, now that makes for a potentially incredibly long answer! Charla is top five, but there are so many awesome Zoyas. I've got a package coming, too, my America promo colors... I wish they'd get here, already! Lol. I ordered them on the 4th. And you've made a great case for that remover; if it's better at removal than acetone then it's worth it. Great color choices, too. It'll be interesting to see Sweet and Shelby side by side. I've been eyeing Reagan, myself, but I think she might be a Julep Helena dupe (and therefore, totally worth getting, but not till I've gone through

    1. I have never used pure acetone, so I'm not sure about that. But this seriously removes everything (except glitter) with one cotton pad. Glitter takes a little longer, but not as long as it did with other removers I have tried. I wonder if you'll get the sample one with your order that is on the way. But if you decide to get it, get the pump for $9.99 first - that pump alone is the way to go. Then just refill it with more Zoya remover or whatever else you end up using:)

  2. I agree! That remover is the only I will ever use again!

  3. I agree, it's my favorite remover as well. Zoya favourites: Sooki, Wednesday, Cynthia and Gemma. And of course always their next collection ;-)

  4. I have never used the remover before but have heard really good things about it- I'll have to try it.


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