Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Week Challenge - Red!

China Glaze Nail POlish
This is Day 1 of Lacquer Dreams Rainbow Favorites Week.  She invited all bloggers to post their favorites from each color of the rainbow this week.  Day 1 is red.  I think it will be fun to do this because I often find myself trying different/new polishes each day so I can build my blog and get pictures of all of my polishes, but I neglect my favorites.  This will give me a chance to showcase my favorites in each color famiy:)  Fun stuff!
This is my favorite red.  China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  It's such a popular polish - it seems like everyone owns it. The application is wonderful and the final effect is beautiful.  It's so pretty in the sunlight.  I don't wear reds often, so I am glad this challenge helped me drag this one out!
What is your favorite red?

Below is a list of the others who are taking part in this challenge.  Check 'em out!


  1. I don't own it! I'm probe thus only nailista in the world who doesn't, lol. I intend to fix that-- it's gorgie!!

    1. Holy smokes, I just reread this. Freakin' auto correct. That's probs the only nailista. I promise to proofread before hitting post from here on out. ;)

    2. LOL:) No problem! I knew what you were saying. I noticed that I'm not on the list so I am kindof doing the challenge silently on me own??? oh well.

  2. You are in my list, if that counts, LOL :)
    I noticed Ruby Pumps is a popular pick for this challenge, too!

  3. Oooh that's a beautiful red! I don't have it yet, but that may change after seeing your lovely pics! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. This is such a pretty red! Surprisingly, I don't own it yet >.<


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