Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Favorite with a Flair June 8, 2012

Ulta Nail Polish
Ulta Spice Drop

Ulta Nail Polish
Ulta / Too Faced Enchanted Collection

Orly Nail Polish
Orly Pixie Stix
Ever since I started this blog, I have felt the need to keep pulling different polishes from my stash.  When I was picking my polish for the day (I change my polish daily) I would steer clear of the ones that I have already posted on my blog - just to build my blog with more variety.  Now that I have 70 posts, I decided to give myself a few days out of the week to wear my favorite polishes - just because I love them and not for the benefit of my blog.  But then I thought, it would still be nice to post something about it - so I decided to add a little "flair" to the manicure.  So here is my first "Friday Favorite with a Flair" post:)  

This is one of my favorites - Orly Pixie Stix.  The minute I saw this collection come out, I knew I had to have Pixie Stix.  It's a pinky/salmony cream that is really bright on the nail.  I was so happy to finally bring it home from Ulta and I continue to enjoy it.

I painted my accent nail with a polish from the collection where Ulta teamed up with Too Faced and created the Enchanted Collection.  I used Spice Drop.  The 3 pink/purple shades in the collection look pretty similar on the nail, but they are so sparkly and pretty!  The shimmer is very fine and almost has a foil quality.  I need to pull these out more - I don't think I have worn them since I first got them in 2010.  

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love this combination. I also love this weekly feature!

    1. Thanks:) You have this Ulta Too Faced Collection, don't you? Do you wear it much?

  2. I actually don't :(! I wish I had them now!

  3. I love the Friday with a Flair idea. Don't ever forget about your favorite polishes!


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