Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Essie Good To Go!

I am currently wearing Essie Turquoise & Caicos and hope to get a picture today after work.  I tried last night and this morning and it was either too dark or raining...or both:(  
In the meantime, I thought I'd share my favorite Top Coat with you.  A year ago, I would have told you I would never find anything better than Seche Vite.  ...I guess I was wrong.  The reason I was on the hunt for something other than Seche Vite (no, not because of the warning on the label) is because I couldn't stand how thick and goopy it got when I was about half-way through the bottle.  I ended up always buying another bottle when I got half-way through and then when I got half-way through the new one, I would combine them...and also add a little Orly Nail Polish Thinner.  Still wasn't fun to work with.  Don't get me wrong, a brand new bottle of Seche Vite is probably the fastest drying top coat I have ever tried.  But I found a very, very close second.
Essie Good To Go!  Not only does this dry super duper fast (ALMOST as fast as Seche Vite) it is also a very thin formula (which is good in this case...not in the case of Turquoise & Caicos - more about that in my next post).  
The thinner formula is such a breeze to apply and because there isn't as much product, it dries very quickly.  
When I am looking for a top coat, I am not looking for something that will make my nail polish last, as I change my polish pretty much every day.  I am looking for a top coat that will dry instantly so I can move on with my life...laundry, kids, dishes, yard work, eating, etc.  I hate walking around like I am a princess worried that my nail polish will smudge.This is perfect for me.  
So if you are in the market for a new top coat, try Good To Go!


  1. Next time I have a coupon for Ulta or CVS I'll have to pick this up. Sometimes it's nice to have a variety of top coats for different situations. I love Essie products and especially their base coats. I have two so far and just bought Feed Me too!

    1. I've tried Essie Fill the Gap and Ridge Filler and really liked those too. How do you like Feed Me?


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