Monday, May 14, 2012

Zoya Trixie

Zoya Nail Polish
I must be on a Zoya kick - two Zoyas in a row!  If you have been looking for a bright, silvery, sparkly, metallicy, foily (are those words?) nail polish, look no further.  Zoya Trixie is like having mirrors on your nails.  Even in a darker room, they still shine like they are lit from within.  I think I'm going to try throwing a colored glitter polish for an accent nail and see how that looks.  I'll post it if it's worth posting:)  Have a great day!


  1. I love Trixie. It is pure silver amazingness.

  2. My wallet cries. I need this. I'm so obsessed with metallics right now for some reason!

  3. This is such a gorgeous silver! Did you find it was a little difficult to clean up because the silver particles went all over the place? I had a similar silver by Orly that did that :( But totally worth it when the color is this GORGEOUS!

    1. No, this wasn't too messy at all. I've had polishes do that though.


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