Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Revlon Strawberry Electric

Revlon Nail Polish
Revlon Strawberry Electric is a perfect name for it - it's a pink that looks like it's plugged in.  It's almost neon magenta and it glows on the nails.  I love the formula of Revlon polishes.  The thinner consistency allows me to keep adding coats without it getting too thick and goopy.  I have a bunch of other Revlon polishes for future posts and I have my eye on a few new ones.  Posh, in particular - it's an awesome Kelly Green! 


  1. OMG this colour started it all for me. I bought this 4 yrs ago bc i needed a pick-me-up during exams. it was all down hill from there. I rember getting it, putting it on then going back to school and getting compliments It was perfect. I wore it every day for like a month lol. I seriously need to bring this out again.

    I aso have posh,its great!

    1. Oh cool! I don't think I've ever worn a polish for a month straight - you are dedicated! I really think I'm going to pick up Posh:)


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